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This year, the Netherlands and japan commemorate 400 years trade relationships.  Martyn van den Hoek designed a spectacular CD prject, based on an imaginary sail from  Amsterdam anno 1600, along the coasts of Europe and Africa, finally arriving in Japan. Using the newest  Kawai MP 8 II digital piano , this voyage is acoustically illustrated with the sounds of the past. 


23 april 2009

Realease of the latest NAXOS Cd

Only last week, Naxos released another Cd with Martyn van den Hoek as a soloist.  Together with the Arnhem Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Christopher Lyndon -Gee, Martyn can now be heard in his interpretation of the Partita for Piano and Orchestra by Igor Markevich. This composition , as opposed to the earlier recorded Concerto for Piano ( Naxos 8. 225076)  the Partita , written in 1931, makes use of many more daring harmonies and  rather Avant Garde playing technics. The Cd also features the Oratorium le Paradis perdu, written two years later.

Programmvorschläge für das Japanische Fernsehen

Im Mai 2008, bekam Martyn van den Hoek die Möglichkeit für das japanische Fernsehen Programvorschläge mit Bezug auf "Auge und Ohr" vorzuschlagen. Hier ein Auszug:

I hope that this draught shows to you what I think still can be done to create a new audience for tomorrow's concerts...

"Music is something beyond words, many people think! I believe that just a few well chosen words before listening or (in my case) playing a piece of music can be the perfect introduction to it."

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